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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I will map the share as a drive and see if I stop getting permission errors. I'm using Windows 10 on all my PCs. Thanks for the heads up! wasn't aware it would mess up my docker apps.
  2. Hey, which binary or daemon is responsible for pulling UPS data when there's a compatible UPS connected via USB? How can I pull data from it the same way UnRAID does? I'm talking about this: I think it'd be really cool to use this data to measure my server's power consumption and cost every month. Sort of like a Kill-A-Watt, but way better, and without the $25 price tag. Is there a plugin that does this already? Thanks
  3. This is what happens: I have R/W permissions to the share and folder I can copy files to this folder without any problems on Explorer Quite often, when I'm saving a file from Skype, or from my browser, I get the error above This happens on every single Windows machine on my network My UnRAID server is the SMB Local Master Browser I have an SSD cache Drive using BTRFS I'm running UnRAID 6.3.5 with a few docker containers and VMs Things I have done: I have rebooted the server I have remove the Windows machine from t
  4. I have installed a new VM, using QEMU64 CPU Mode from the start, and it ended up having the same problem. I've also tried assigning CPU0 to the VM. Neither worked. Any suggestions?
  5. I created a new VM, it looks like this: It installed fine, I have CentOS 7 + cPanel running on it. It is running on my cache SSD so it boots up super quick. The problem starts when I logged on it from SSH. I get error messages like this every second: [root@mrlb1b myscripts]# Message from syslogd@mrlb1b at Jul 5 15:11:32 ... kernel:Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 21 on CPU 0. Message from syslogd@mrlb1b at Jul 5 15:11:32 ... kernel:Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled? Message from syslogd@mrlb1b at Jul 5 15:11:32 ... kernel:Daze
  6. Hi, I'd like to use this but I'm not quite sure where I can find the share.cfg file, and where I should put the php file you made. Can you please clarify? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'd like to use this but I'm not quite sure where I can find the share.cfg file, and where I should put the php file you made. Can you please clarify? Thanks!
  8. Awesome, I just installed it, thanks! Ohh I didn't know that, will come in handy for extra packages, thanks!
  9. NCDU is sort of a `du -h` on steroids package. It scans the filesystem and displays your biggest directories and files in a nice console GUI. I'd love to have it on my UnRAID server persistently. I have compiled it from the source but I lose it everytime I reboot my server. Could we have this package included by default? Or, would it be possible for me to install it persistently, so I don't lose it everytime I reboot my server? Thanks!
  10. After an automatic update, I lost everything in my Deluge docker. It looks like a fresh install now. Can I recover it somehow? Also how would I make backups? This is how /config looks like: My torrents, openvpn profile and plugins are still there, so I guess it's possible to recover it somehow? I looked inside core.conf and core.conf~ and neither has my settings. Thanks
  11. I've just added the disk ST3146855SS_3LN0XH2C to my UnRAID server, it says that's in Stand By Mode (spun down). I tell unraid to spin it up but nothing happens. The preclear plugin cannot get any information about it. The other drives work just fine. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a bad drive? Thanks
  12. I will reboot my server to apply the update and check that out. Thank you!
  13. I'm talking about physical Macs, not virtual machines.
  14. I'm using OS X Sierra, UnRAID 6.2. Which Samba OS X optimizations are you talking about? Are these specific to UnRAID 6.3? Also I don't have SSD caching. Thank you.
  15. I only have 1 parity drive and 1 data drive running, 2x3TB HGST Ultrastar 7K4000 drives. I can make 100Mb/s transfer between Windows machines and the server. Folders also load instantly on Windows. I have the cache dirs plugin enabled. Overall performance is fine on Windows, but on OSX, it's very poor. Using either AFP or SMB, folders take a long time to load on OSX, transfer speeds are low. Should I be using NFS on OSX? If yes, which settings/mounting options should I use? Any other recommendations? Thanks
  16. Not until the next reboot (or stop & start of the array) at which point you can request a trial extension or buy the software Thank you.
  17. I really wanted to run it under Vagrant as it provides some tools that assist development quite a bit. I ended up making an Ubuntu VM and cooking up most of what I need on it. It's working pretty nice For people that work with Laravel, I'm using this Laravel Valet's port to Ubuntu: https://github.com/cpriego/valet-linux - I'm pretty happy with it.
  18. I use Vagrant to write software, and I'd like to move my box from my computer to my NAS. I managed to do it using Virtualbox, but I'm not being able to get it to work with KVM. First thing I did was install an Ubuntu KVM VM, then installed virtualbox on it and Vagrant... But as you know, nesting is terrible, and I had terrible performance. Then I installed the Virtualbox UnRaid plugin, used Alien to convert Vagrant's .rpm to a .tgz, installed it with installpkg, and it worked with Virtualbox. It worked very well by the way, performance was quite good. However, I'd like to use what Un
  19. Hi, My VPN is my own server using Pritunl. There's no username/password, it only uses .ovpn files. How can I make this work? I removed credentials.conf, and VPN_USER and VPN_PASS are blank, but on every restart it gets restored. Edit: I managed to get it working.