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QEMU back to Bare Metal


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I have severe issues with one of my unRaid machines which run a Server 2016 VM, the machine I need to restore it on to will not boot from USB no matter what I try so I can't simply move the unRaid installation over to it that way.


How can I image the current VM back to real hardware?

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I think it should be possible. There was a video on youtube from gridrunner that showed you how to pass-through a harddrive to your VM and then you could use a backup tool to make a backup of your OS onto the hard drive, then it would just be a matter of unplugging the unraid USB and booting from that hard drive and you should be in business... in theory 

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Do a full windows backup (listed as backup and restore (windows 7) in server 2016) and have it back off to a network share or USB, external hdd etc. basically anythin you can get access to on the new machine.

boot the windows server 2016 setup on the new machine, be it VM or physical and do a restore rather than a fresh installation. off the top of my head you select "repair my computer" rather than pressing "install now", and there's an option to restore from a backup.


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