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Purpose of a high end video card


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Sorry for such a stupid question but I do not fully get it....yet :)


Is the purpose of having a high end video card just to connect directly to a monitor from the unraid server or is their an advantage when you are "streaming" a VM desktop as well?


I plan to create a few VMs but do not plan on hooking anything up directly to the unraid server, I will be connecting remotely to the VMs via RDP or something like that, Will adding a high end card enhance what I am doing for game play or movie streaming?


For some reason I have it stuck in my head that this will only help if you connect directly to the unraid server, please tell me I am wrong :)




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Think of a VM like a regular computer that your building. If you want to play newer games at the highest frame rates then you buy a top of the line graphics card. In a VM you have a virtual computer using the same hardware as a bare metal box only it's in 1 box and you pass through the card so the VM can use it.

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If I were building an unRAID server with the plan to run a NAS, some Dockers, and a VM or two that I was going to RDP into, I would not put a high end video card into it.  I would only put a high end video card into an IOMMU/VT-d compatible server where I planned pass the video card into a VM and directly connect a keyboard keyboard and monitor for the VM.


That could change at some point, we're seeing applications of a video card as a powerful co-processor for, say, encoding.  But you'd know if you are trying to accomplish that... 

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