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[SOLVED] Fix Common Problems - FTP Settings = Blank Page


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unRaid's built in FTP server is currently disabled, but users are defined	There is a "feature" within 6.1.9 and 6.2 beta 21 where after the server is reset, the FTP server will be automatically re-enabled regardless if you want it to be or not. Remove the users here

Fix Common Problems displays this error message.  When I click on the FTP Settings, I get a blank page - I assume because FTP is already disabled.  I've installed ProFTPd and using that for backups.  Is Fix Common Problems seeing the ProFTPd server and complaining about that?  Or is there some other reason?


Thanks in advance!

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The warning is there because of a feature where you can disable the built-in FTP all day long, but it will always re-enable itself after a reboot.  Go to Settings - FTP and remove the defined users.  No idea how everything reacts with a FTP plugin installed...  


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IDK how it reacts with ProFTPd installed, but since FTP settings isn't within Network settings anymore, we're getting into the realm of FCP adjusting for plugins modifying system files, and I just don't want to go down that road.   Ignore the error.

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