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Recommended method to assign VM/Docker drive?


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Hi all,


I've just installed a 250gb SSD to my unraid box that I'd like to dedicate to VMs and Docker storage, I've had a browse around the forums but can't seem to find any official method of assigning such. There's mention of using plugins to mount a drive outside of unraid, but surely there's a best practice by the unraid team for this that doesn't rely on 3rd party plugins?



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"Best Practice" would be to assign it as the cache drive.


Assuming that you already have a cache drive, "Best Practice" is to install the Unassigned Devices plugin.


unRaid out of the box does not support any drive not part of the array, hence the need for the plugin.

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/etc/fstab is stored in ram, not on the flash drive, so you can edit it all day long and on reboot all changes are lost.  You could recopy at boot the modifications via the go file or user scripts plugin, but I think that it would be far too late in the boot order to make any difference.


UD makes life simple.

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