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Shrink Array - Dockers Gone


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I had an old drive that was small and was going to fail, so I figured I would remove it from the array. In this way, the new drive would be able to be formatted XFS.


I followed the Shrink Array wiki entry here: https://wiki.lime-technology.com/Shrink_array.


When I was done removing the drive, I noticed that I only had one docker remaining - Plex. It is using the single cache drive which is not part of the array being rebuilt.


I am running Unraid 6.3.5.


I moved all of the files on the disk successfully using unBALANCE. I saw a number of folders left on the suspect disc, but the main unraid page file browse view said 5 folders, no files.


I am pretty sure there were no docker related files on the drive I removed - most of them used my Cache drive.


I am in the middle of a parity rebuild (I wonder if this has something to do with Dockers not showing up)


Any ideas where I can start looking for my dockers? Pain in the butt if I have to recreate them.

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