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Pariah Scion

Change the Host GPU

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Hi all.


Got an interesting question, but first let me start by saying that I can probably go digging for all my system specs for this question, but I don't think it's necessary and I'm kinda lazy, atm. So, I'll just rattle off approximations for your guys' convenience and you guys can demand specific/detailed system specs as needed to help out. I'd also like to add that I'm excited at the possibility here! (if it's at all possible).


Ok, here it is:

6-Core CPU

24 GbRAM [(2x8)+(2x4)]


1Tb+1Tb HDD Array

2Tb HDD Parity

128Gb SSD Cache

VM: Maui Linux (forked from Kubuntu)


SECOND PCIe SLOT technically empty

NOT YET INSTALLED: 512Mddr2? GPU Nvidia (VERY OLD... it was previously attached to a WinVista tower...)


My question:


Can I install the Nvidia card in the second slot (from the top) and have the host display from that card? Is there a way to bypass having to have the First PCIe slot output the host?


I'm really excited about the possibility!


I'm figuring some kind of .conf file to mess with or so?


PLEASE tell me this is possible!


Thanks all.



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Are you trying to add these to mutiple Virtual machines like linus tech tools demo video?  or do you want to run 5 monitors off of the Maui Linux?  what 6 core cpu?  an AMD 1100T?

How many potential Hard drives are you going to put in this machine?  inquiring minds need/want to know more...

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Hi, yeah, I'm more or less guided by "2 Gamers, 1 PC" (1 CPU?)


So: Confirmed. Goal: Multiple Virtual Machines with GPU passthrough of a single graphics card to each VM (then I can get two monitors per VM).


CPU: AMD FX 6300 @ 3.5Ghz
GPU1: MSI Radeon R7 360 (2gbDDR5)
GPU2: Empty
GPU3: XFX Core R7 240 (1gbDDR3)
Waiting?: HP/Asus NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT (512mbDDR2)
As for HDD... Just the two separate 1Tb in the Array, plus it's 2Tb Parity and the 128Gb SSD cache.
My aim really is "mostly work, but powerful enough to play some nice PC games, even if the woman has to use the computer, too."
So, one Maui Linux VM and one Windows VM. I've got 3 monitors and 1 TV and I planned to put the host on an already taken monitor, but input from the Nvidia card to a different video port on that monitor.
I like the idea of the host on it's own monitor, even if that monitor is already taken up by one of the VMs. I can just switch inputs. I've been having to get to unRAID headless and while nice and convenient (it will be a godsend later when I can get Wake on LAN working nice), I'd rather have my laptop ready to use or already being used for things other than managing my desktop.
Hope this helps. Anyone know of any files to fiddle with, yet?
Thanks all!
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Oh, running at the same time is no problem. I've got that all working.


What I'm looking to do is add yet another graphics card solely to output the host CLI.


It would make things ... more convenient.


That's why I was wondering if there was some .conf or .cfg file somewhere in the unRAID root that deals with identifying the GPU connected and selecting the GPU on the first PCIe slot to output the host video. I want to change that to the second slot. =D

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19 minutes ago, Pariah Scion said:

That's why I was wondering if there was some .conf or .cfg file somewhere in the unRAID

Nope. That is all determined by your BIOS, possibly you can alter it with a CMOS setting.

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