Docker Safe New Permissions - What does it do?

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Hi! I'm trying to use the unBALANCE plug in which is telling me that before I complete the operation I have in mind, I should run Docker Safe New Permissions (which is installed as part of CA).


I would like to know:


1. What does "Docker Safe New Permissions" do?

2. Is it safe for my data and why?

3. Why would permissions on user data ever need to be fixed?



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I know for certain that one of the things it does is leave alone the permissions on the appdata Share where having the correct permissions can matter to the docker apps..   Not sure if there are any other Shares/folders that are also left alone.

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This utility will restore standard unRaid permissions to all shares and files without touching any of the APPDATA shares for docker applications.

(Many times, a docker application has specific requirements for its ownership / permissions on the files contained within its appdata, and the standard New Permissions tool will change these, possibly rendering the docker application inoperable.)

You should use this tool in case a misconfigured docker application (notably CouchPotato or Sonarr / SickBeard) has written media files to your array with the wrong permissions, and you find yourself unable to modify / delete those files.

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5 hours ago, Squid said:




So if I run this, is there any chance that it screws up access to user data for any of my users? I know it doesn't touch APPDATA, and I know what it says about Couch, Sonarr, Sick, etc. but none of the files I'm moving with unBALANCE are from those apps.


I want to move a Time Machine backup from one drive to another with unBALANCE and unBALANCE says I should run this permissions fix first.


Is there any risk in running a permissions fix?

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Fair enough.


Anything I copy from my Mac to my user folder gets:


--rw-r--r-- me  users


My Time Machine backup has a sparsebundle that's set:


 drwx--S--- 1 me users


Inside the sparesbundle is the "bands" directory where all the data is stored. Each of the bands looks like this:


-rw------- me users


This is how unRAID seems to default all of these things. I haven't changed any permissions by hand.

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I bit the bullet and hit the button. It's going through now. On initial inspection, it seems to have fixed some problems I was having in a shared share (among two assigned users) such that now, they can both edit documents in the share (before they couldn't). OP on that is here: 



Too bad the tool doesn't let you pick which share to apply this to so it's easier to test.




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15 hours ago, ksignorini said:


Huh. Is this documented somewhere?

In the forums around here with a lot of searching.

15 hours ago, ksignorini said:


Not with the Docker Safe version. The "old" version (comes with unRAID) you can but there is no dropdown on the Docker Safe version.

Never noticed when the share list came into the tool that comes with unRaid.  Probably 6.3 something which is way after when the tool was created.

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On 8/27/2017 at 2:15 PM, Squid said:


newperms /mnt/user/NameOfShare


This is great, I was going to attempt to recreate the Docker Safe New Perms script and run it on a schedule for my Dropbox share... now I can just throw this one line into the User Scripts plugin!


Link to the source code if anyone is interested:

On 7/16/2020 at 8:49 AM, robkurzd said:

I love you

+1, love you @Squid

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how do you run this from the gui, or do you?   I've been all over my system and can't find a place to run this.  I've run the fix common problems plugin several times and don't see this as an option.   I see the command above, is that the only way to run it?



Nevermind, I found it over in tools.

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