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WTB: 6TB 8TB 10TB Drives

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Looking for used good condition 6+ TB drives.  Sata III 6GB/s    (USA)
Give me a shout in a few weeks if you're still looking. I'm trying to swap in 8TB drives but the first ones to get pulled from my server will be the 5TBs before the 6TBs.

Any interest in those 5s? I think I have a WD blue and black.

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1 hour ago, Superorb said:

I have a WD Red 8TB drive sealed from WD. Warranty expires March 2019. It was a replacement for a failed 8TB drive that I sent back to them that I don't need anymore. Would this work?


Hey superorb, I could definatly use it.   please PM me with a price.

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I also have four of the older style RED drives that also have fresh long and short SMART tests and are pre cleared and ready to go.


In the end I need to keep two of any of the ten drives I have for a friend.  All the drives are good so I don’t care which you want or which I give him.  I am happy to make a bulk deal as well.  I’m sure we can come to an arrangement if you are interested. 



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