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  1. That is the ID of the Plex container in question. Any guidance on how I might determine why this is happening every few days? My Plex server only streams to my local network these days and this often occurs overnight when no one is streaming.
  2. Hey all. Long time user here. Great community! Over the last few months, every few days my server becomes unresponsive. When I load the webgui, the dashboard indicates all logical cores are pegged at 100%. I had been solving the symptoms by doing a full reboot, but I've recently realized that stopping/restarting the array will solve it. Looking at the diag logs, it looks like my Plex Media Server container has something going on around the time I noticed the unresponsiveness starting, though I'm not certain whether that's part of the cause or another symptom of whatever problem lies beneath. time="2020-12-15T17:14:31.331309190-06:00" level=warning msg="Health check for container ff828a8d930f282396776fe9e827c2f7ee8d7152e0e6a86d5ea83f68305196c9 error: context deadline exceeded: unknown" If you look at the logs, please note that I noticed the unresponsiveness around 17:00 on 2020-12-15. I can't recall for certain, but in looking at the logs, I'll bet that the last time this occured was around 06:40 on 2020-12-07. Could anyone help me out with this, please? If consensus is that this should be moved to Docker general or a specific docker container area, please let me know and I will do so (or admins move). I'm not certain that's the cause yet, so I wanted to start here. Thank you!
  3. Slowly upgrading my Unraid server to 8TB drives. These gotta go. Already precleared. CDI screens included. 6TB was purchased as refurbished on newegg on 04-Jul-2018 (~ 3 weeks ago). 5TB was purchased new from Fry's Nov 2016. All prices are shipped. For quick sale, PM Paypal email address requesting invoice. $100 each or $195 for both.
  4. I have (2) 5TB, one is WD black, one is HGST, and will have a 6TB of some type available within a week. Are you interested and do you prefer I preclear them? If so, make an offer.
  5. Same here. Thought it was working but came home to a clogged up queue. I tried unpacking manually within the container CLI before and it worked even though it got stuck in NZBget. I'll go back to old repo for now. Thanks for looking into it!
  6. Probably. Price? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  7. Still have the archives? Will you ship to USA zip 37343? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Give me a shout in a few weeks if you're still looking. I'm trying to swap in 8TB drives but the first ones to get pulled from my server will be the 5TBs before the 6TBs. Any interest in those 5s? I think I have a WD blue and black. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. Looking for lower-priced than $25/TB. Prefer drives with 100+MB/s sequential read and write. Used is fine with healthy CDI. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the update! I will change back to latest repository and update when I get a chance. I'll prolly buy you a beer, as well. [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  11. What do you know about this problem? I'm just curious what it really is and why it just now popped up. Any references you can share?
  12. Ah geez, I've been googling this all day but this never came up because I wasn't using any of the same keywords. I'll do this. Thanks and I apologize for not noticing the comments up there!
  13. Having a problem with the unpack child process just looping the extraction. The "messages" tab shows: "Restarting hanging child process for unpack...." The extracted destination file just keeps looping in size until it looks to be fully extracted, then starts over. I observed this by rapidly refreshing and watching the file size grow, then go back to near-zero, repeat. I am running no pp-scripts and using sonarr, but I don't believe sonarr ever gets around to handling the file. I also have only "unrar" in the UnrarCmd setting. In the nzbget container console I am able to get the same archive to extract using unrar e <file> <dest>. Observing that, I changed the UnrarCmd setting to "unrar e" which I thought had fixed the problem, but while typing this, it just got hung up on another archive. Any ideas here? I'm not sure it's an NZBget problem or just a problem with this docker container since it's related to unrar. Next, I may try the -o- switch and see what happens since it technically might stop it from starting over since the destination file exists already. Thanks!
  14. Alright... I have my pitchfork ready, then. ?