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Dead USB stick- what to do now?

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Today i found my unraid server with all VM and dockers turned of, looked in webgui and some "folers" where missing, dso i boot the server. And to my horror i found my USB stick is dead. i have no backup up of i i think... 


Can someone help me, what do i do next?  I thin ki hav figured out that i need a new USB stick and need to replace my registration key. https://lime-technology.com/replace-key/  think i got that bit.


But then, what do i do next?  how do i get my docker continers and vms back, and all the photos from my drives...  Do i just install unraid to new usb-stick. and boot the server from that one. Will it se the old installation and automagicaly fix stuff ore how do i do?  





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First thing.  Do NOT panic.  You have not lost any data at this point. (You may have lost your Dockers and VM's, however.) 


Second thing. do you have a printout of your Drive assignments?  If not, can you identify which drive is your cache drive?  (Most folks can usually do this because it is either an SSD or has a much smaller capacity than their data drive.


Third thing.  Have you looked at that flash drive in a PC to see if there are any files on on it?  If there are, copy everything that you can read off of it to a folder/directory on your PC.   IF not try   chkdsk    to see if can recover any files.


Fourth thing.   Get a new flash drive, download the latest version of unRAID and prepare the new Flash Drive.  


Fifth thing, double check that you don't have the .key file or the e-mail that came after your purchased your license.  

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Thanks for quick response.


My drive assignment is super easy, one spinner and one ssd. SSD is cache drive and just one hdd that has some photos and some videos.

Dockers and Vms was cached only i think... 


The usb-stick i totally dead. windows does not find it when i put it in the usb port. usually there is a led flashing on the usb stick and it is not flashing now... tested in two different pcs...


i have still have the e-mail from limetech from when i purchased the license so i can download it again... 


What do i do when i first boot the server after preparing new flash drive... ?





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1--  After you prepare your flash Drive, be sure that you copy .key file to the config folder.


2--- Put the Flash drive into the server and boot it up.  (I would suggest that you have a monitor attached so you can see if it fully booted.  


3-- Just above the Login prompt, you will see the IP4 address.


4--  Type that address like this in your browser  \\    or you could try   \\TOWER      (Either should work).


5--  The server GUI should come up.  


6-- You could now (1) go to settings and do the settings as best you remember them (Having printouts of your settings is always useful in these situation!) or (2) go to Main and assign your drives and start the array.  If you chose the latter, you should be up-and-running with your files available.


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Okey, sounds easy, and how do i do to save One of My docker containers...  Its my Unifi controller, so i dont have to reconfig My AP... 


IF i can get it back it would be realy nice, the rest of the vms and dockers isnt important. Do i have to copy some files from the cash driver to save the docker img before i start the array...  Or is it Still there on the array after it has been started. 



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I don't have an answer for you.  I hope that someone else will jump in here and give you a hand.  But proceed along the restoration path until you get to a point where you actually have an issue and then post up the problem that you find.  (If you had make a backup of that Flash Drive, things would be so much simpler...) 

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About the only thing I can think of is to see if you can read any of the appdata from cache for that docker. It might have some clue to how it might have been set up.

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