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Asus Prime Pro x370 Gaming Machine Writeup


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So I tried this last year and that ended in nearly utter failure. Couldn't get a lot of stuff to work at least with stability.


Ryzen 1700 OC'd to 3.6ghz

64 GB of RAM

1070 GPU

Asus Prime Pro x370


Fast forward to two days ago. Tried again. IOMMU groups are greatly improved. That apparently happened at the 3808 BIOS but mine is on the latest BIOS 4008. Currently passing through USB 3.0 controller, GPU, Audio, and GPU Audio but don't use that. So far its been great since I CPU pinned. Can play PUBG at 1080p with most on ultra(that's more of a limitation of the GPU).


The problem I have is I have the C-state's disabled  but was wondering if I still need to? I have found some conflicting information about this and was wondering if anyone else has this board/bios version and whether you still need to have it disabled for stability?

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