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Most free Not using new Drive

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Hi unraid team


i'm having a very very odd problem, where my user share just refuses to utilize one of my drives.  - Setup is very stable(8 years stable), and is working fine, even with a drive i added as little as a month ago(Disk#18 in screenshot) (pre-clear and added). the drive giving issues now(Disk#19) was previously a cache drive, but pre cleared before adding to the array.

Unraid version 6.4.1 *edit - upgrade to 6.5.2, same issue persists*


some of the things i have tried :

  • Check on Global share settings (with array stopped). Drive is enabled (nothing excluded)
  • check on Share settings for the specific shares - all drives is selected.
  • Copy data using MC directlty between drives - opening the user share shows that the files is visible (which makes me believe the drive is part of the share?)


Thus the conundrum , why is "Most Free" allocation method not utilizing the drive? (Disk 19 in below screenshot)




storage-diagnostics-20180604-2158.zip (version 6.5.2)



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6 hours ago, itimpi said:

What Split Level do you have for the share in question?   Split Level will over-ride the Allocation method if there is any contention as to which disk to use.


didn't touch split level for a long time (data equally distributed across the other 18 discs). believe it is level 2?



sample directory under a share :


share name : Movies

Folder 1 : " A"  / "B" / "C"  etc

Folder 2 : "Movie name (year)"


currently all the drives contains "Folder 1", with "folder 2" being unique on all the drives.


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Maybe you are going to need a more relaxed Split Level setting to get the behaviour you want?   Without some example of the paths of your files it is difficult to recommend an optimum Split Level Settings and even whether that is your problem in the first place.   However I must admit I would have thought that new movies should end up on the new disk.


have you tried leaving the Included/Excluded disk entries empty for the share (I.e. all drives allowed by Global Settings can be used).   I would also recommend leaving the Global Level entries blank unless their is a good reason not to.   With such a long list of drives if there are any to NOT be used for User Shares maybe the exclude entry makes more sense (you should never use both).

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5 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

Because disk18 still has more free space than disk19.


4 hours ago, itimpi said:

Missed that in the screenshot!   Was intent on looking for a more complicated answer ;) 


you had me saying "DUHHHHH" out loud in the office.  (although i always base it on a percentage). will balance/move some data  around tonight to test, but i believe this is definitely the answer!

thank you guys!

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