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[SOLVED] Where To Get Good Deals on Laptops in Brooklyn, NY?


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My Dad is going on holiday to Brooklyn, NY next week.  He wants to pickup a laptop while he's there.  Can anyone recommend a good place to pickup a sub £450 laptop?  Also, any tips on spec?  It looks like on BB he can just about scrape a 8th-gen i3/i5, 802.11ac and 1TB of storage.


Thanks in advance

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9 hours ago, jonathanm said:

No clue on what stores to try, but a 1TB SSD is likely to break the budget. If you are talking about a spinner as a boot drive in a new pc, don't even.

They'll be ok with a spinner as the pc will be on constantly.  A ssd does blow the budget - at BB only one laptop under $500 had a ssd.

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Sorted - thanks to a coupon, got a 8th gen i5 Dell Inspiron 15 - 5570 with an SSD for just over $400. 


Probably a bit over-powered for my folks, but it'll be nice for them to have their first new well-specced computer as they've had my hand me downs in the past e.g. my top of the range 1997 Dell handed over in 2001, my 2001 Dell replacement handed over in 2005 when I built my first PC, and finally my wife's laptop that was crap in 2006 handed over in 2010 - you can imagine how that struggles to run now......


I think they'll be happy!

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