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Replacing failed drive


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Hi all. 

UNRAID Version: 6.4.1, diagnostic files attached. 


Disk 4 on my array failed.  A WD 2Tb disk. I installed a new 3Tb drive (my parity drive is also 3Tb) 
Per usual - I have done this before. I followed the instructions here: https://lime-technology.com/wiki/Replacing_a_Data_Drive


However - I never got a rebuild option. 


Instead I have a Format option under Stop and before Check. 


it says: Format will create a file system in all Unmountable disks, discarding all data currently on those disks.
 Yes I want to do this 


Drive 4 data is showing up but drive 4 is down right now. 
I have not clicked on Format. 


Thank you in advance for any help / advice on how to bring up drive 4 back to normal. 


On screen errors. 


unRAID array errors: 29-06-2018 22:14
Warning [THEORACLE] - array has errors
Array has 1 disk with read errors


Alert [THEORACLE] - Disk 4 in error state (disk dsbl)
ST3000DM008-2DM166_Z505D7A4 (sds)



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New disk you're trying to use had lots of ATA errors and got disabled:


Jun 29 22:13:45 theoracle kernel: ata18.00: disabled

Since it dropped offline there's no SMART report, check connections and try again, or post new diags after so we can see the SMART report.


Disk4 might mount after this is solved since it's complaining about an invalid partition due to the disk dropping offline, but if it doesn't never format.

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24 minutes ago, daytona235 said:

What section of which log file should I check so I do not bother you good folks on the forum for this in the future. 

The part I posted above is when the disks gets disabled, all the preceding ATA errors show the complete problem.

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