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Port (backup/restore) to new unraid server


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Im new to unraid, I have the trial on some old hardware while I got it all sorted / planned out etc.  Got the dockers I want, the VM's I want, and stored my media and backups to it.

It has been in test for the last 20 days and I have moved the emby media serving, tvheadend, sonarr, delugevpn and all VM's to it

Im now ready to move this to my real machine - which is currently a windows 10 PC being used for all the above, reading data from a readynas.

While I move all services to the the temp unraid server, I plan on pulling the 4 x 4TB drives from my current old readyNAS, putting those in the current Windows 10 machine (i7, 32Gb Ram) with its 1TB SSD for cache/vm's/dockers.

I had been busy noting down all my shares, my docker settings and vm settings for a complete re-install/re-configure of it all, but I wonder if I can instead backup/restore the VM's and the dockers and 'port' them to the new server once it is setup ?


So :

Install 4 x 4TB drives and pre-clear in new i7 server

Install 1TB Cache disk in the server

Create Array of the above

Create shares exactly the same name as the other temp system

Sync all the data from the temp unraid server to the new I7 unraid server

Backup/transfer/restore the dockers/vm's.


My question - can I use the  backup/restore appdata plugin to do this ?  The backups share I created has the folders appdatabackup, libvirtbackup and vmsettings.  Can I copy those to the new server, then do a restore using the same tool on the new server ?



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Nope - this is to new server AND new drives, so I will be using a new unraid OS and new USB on a completely new hardware.  The old one stays there taking up the slack until it is all configured/restored etc - so no downtime.  I just want to knwo if I have to set up it all from scratch, (which is only an hour of so of config), or if I can use this plugin to backup/restore the dockers and vm's. 

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