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Setting up Backup Server (ethernet issues)


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I have a working unRaid server and now I am setting up a pretty near identical setup (same hardware) to use to sync data too for redundancy. I got unRaid booted up and ethernet was working just fine to do some initial config, and install a few plugins. Shut the machine down and added some drives. Now when I power up, i see network activity, but somewhere during the unRaid boot process, the network light on the front goes dark and unRaid boots with no IP address.


I am using Supermicro X8DTi-F boards in both systems. The backup system only running 1 Xeon CPU while the main one running duals.


Using built in LAN ports (Intel NICS) on both as well as adding a 10GBe Mellanox card to each one.


attached is diagnostics.. This has me stumped. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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17 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

There's no link detected on eth0, check cable/connections.

Did that. swapped cable. When i plug cable into switch and server, i get blinking lights on front panel and also on switch and back of NIC ports. power up through POST all is good, still blinking.. starts to load unraid and then lights go out, no activity on switch, lan or front panel.



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