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pfSense Virtualized, VMtools?


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Hey, I still haven't made the plunge and bought the license yet so I am posting this here. Don't worry, I will, I have data on this thing now. ?


I do have a question though regarding pfSense as a VM on unRaid. I got my passthrough working for my 4 port NIC, it seems to work just fine from what I can tell. My thing is, pfSense has a package for open-vm-tools and I was wondering if this is necessary when using it as an unRaid VM? Google isn't much help here because I guess those who are setting things up this way probably know a lot more about how the whole thing works than I do. I had a pretty advanced pfSense on a bare metal machine before so I am quite versed in how it works so that not the problem, only I have never worked with it in a virtualized environment so there are knowledge gaps there.


Thanks in advance for any and all help and help you can provide!

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