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Unraid + Hackintosh + Steam in Home Streaming


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Hello all,

im thinking about switching over to Mac OS for my Main OS. When i switch to MAC OS i want to play every windows game.

i was thinking about using Unraid:

1 VM Hackintosh + On Cpu Graphics

2 VM Win 10 +  GTX 10XX


So i can just use my Main OS and play on my windows machine via in homestreaming on the mac.


Whats your thoughts about that?




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If you mean intel integrated graphics, then I was never able to get that to work with a Mac VM. But you should try and let us know if you can get it working.

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Well you got a point i need to look into the hackintosh supported hardware

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You can also get a cheap passively cooled video card for the Mac VM. I do something similar gaming card in a windows VM for steam streaming to my nvidia shield and a passive cooled low end card for my main VM running Linux. Works great

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