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Backup Parity Drive

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Maybe i missed a thread somewhere but Ivwas wondering if there was a way to back up/clone one of my two parity drives to a different device?  This would be a total backup would it not?


Sorry if this if this is a dumb A** question but wasn't sure.







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Wouldn't actually get you anywhere.  (And no, its not a total backup) https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/54457-video-guide-all-about-the-unraid-array-and-how-parity-works/



If a drive fails, then the contents of the parity drive and all of the other remaining drives must be read in order to reconstruct the missing drive.


The only way this helps you is if a drive fails and the parity drive fails at the same time or the parity drive fails during the rebuild then you could toss the backup parity drive in its place.


But, Parity is also recalculated in real time, so if any writes happened to have happened between the parity drive failing in the above circumstance and you swapping it out, then it's contents are invalid and you will wind up with corrupted files.


You're better off utilizing dual parity drives which will allow 2 simultaneous data drive failures without any loss of data.

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