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If you go to Settings, Fix Common Problems, it should tell you immediately if your ad blocker is interfering or not with the UI.  (Not a 100% definitive test however).


BTW, you should update your OS to 6.5.3 you're still on the release candidate.

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30 minutes ago, nuhll said:

Yeah, it tells me that since i installed it, even if i didnt had any problems, anyway, its disabled now also for this (new ip).

Like I said, the test isn't definitive.  But, since you did get the pop up telling you about the ad blocker being present, then your adblocker (whether or not it told you something was blocked or not) did modify an element on the Fix Common Problems page, and that element changed definitely was not an ad or a link (it actually didn't contain anything at all in the first place)

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24 minutes ago, nuhll said:

Fix question, when i enter 200gb for a VM, and its only allocated 33gb, will it use 33gb on my ssd or 200gb?

This is one of those ‘it depends’ questions.     The vdisk is Normally allocated as a ‘sparse’ file meaning that only space for sectors actually used inside the VM are initially used on disk which means less space consumed than the notional file size..    However you need to allow room for it to grow to the full size you specified as you continue using the VM and it writes to more sectors within the vdisk.    You also need to be careful when copying such a vdisk as depending on how you specify the copy the result may end up a ‘sparse’ file (33GB in this case) or as a normal file (200GB).

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