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how do you get unraid to WOL and shut down after sync


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i want 2 unraid servers

1 is the main 1.. and 2nd one is the backup  

so i want the first one to scedule sync files of my important folders once a week

so it will wake up the backup computer  transfer the files... when its down the backup will go back to sleep for another week


how i do that

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well I have read others..  but still haven't found a plugin  yet that you can choose drop down box's  set it..

more of this typing code stuff  that I not interested in.. want mouse to click the settings and once a week it turns on  rhe syncing begins and when the computer says sync is completed it shuts down... same in windows you burn a cd  or usb and the check box says  shut down computer after complete..   

that's what I want 

found this 

but more typing I guess I cant get out of that.. I guess that's the closest..  but no documents on  how to shut down the computer right after the scheduled  sync data transfer

guess I keep looking for a plugin

thanks for the reply

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because what I want  is


main unraid 

I set schedule for sync to run

then sends a wake up lan on backup unraid

they sync

when backup unraid is completed  it shuts down



now if I wanna change the time and date of the sync or have multiple times sync to run it will change the wake up lan  times accordingly

and wakes up whatever backup server I choose.... and then those computers shut down after complete like windows


I been researching cant find what I looking for


and I dnt wanna be typing all these scripts I want a gui interface  like Synology  and unraids etc

you click sync and be done..  no coding needed

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or another idea


is there any Sync Plugins  that when its time to Sync... it has a built in WOL  so when its time to sync  the sync software sends a WOL

so when you have 15 20 sync schedules to multiple backup computers  it itself sends a WOL and then the main  server tells the back up server to shut down.. with a check box in the sync...  so main server can tell  backup servers to shut down or not

as I googled that but no luck

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