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Raid 1 with my cache drive....little advice


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Hi i currently have a WD black 256gb NVME drive as my cache and would like to set a raid 1 setup for my cache, if i use a slower drive ( no more room m2 slots) i'm thinking a 500gb spinning drive as cant seem to get another drive with exactly 256gb would data writing to the cache only write as fast as the slower drive ? Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance for any help 

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14 minutes ago, coblck said:

Thanks thought as much, do you think i would notice much difference adding spinning HD in a raid 1 with my nvme


A HDD doesn't just have worse transfer speed than a SSD. The really important difference is the seek times, since a HDD needs to perform a mechanical movement of the heads - and then wait until the platters spins to the correct position - to perform reads or writes.


So a RAID-1 with mixed SSD and HDD is not a good idea.

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