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Trouble upgrading from 5.0.5 to the latest, on 10-year-old hardware

Ben Long

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I've got an unRAID that I've been using, with great satisfaction, for the last ten years. Last week, it started dropping off of my network and generally being flaky, in terms of connectivity. All my data is fine, connections are just unreliable. I connect to it solely with Macs. I rebooted and checked SMART status (which looks fine) but the troubles are persisting. I decided this might be a good time to update to the latest version. Following the proscribed methods, I took my flash drive, reformatted it, and installed the latest version. It boots just fine, but I get a kernel panic because it can't mount the file system. Since my hardware works fine with version 5.0.5, should I be running into any troubles going to 6?


I've re-built the flash drive several times, on Macs and in a Virtualized Windows XP system. I've used the creation tool and done it manually. I should say that, with version 5 or 6,  my particular machine only recognizes the flash drive if I format it with an old HP formatting utility. It's always been this way, I don't know why.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Since you are coming from v5 there is one major Gotcha you should watch out for and that's v6 requiring a 64-bit capable processor (which yours might not be)

Also, the failure to mount the filesystem kernel panic means that the USB is not booting completely.


This is all I can say on the topic as I started on v6 beta.

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List your hardware.  


If you have a new flash drive (less than 32GB), download the latest version and go through the steps and create a basic Trial flash drive.  See if that boots.  (Doing this will not cause a data loss as unRAID will simply sit there waiting for you to assign the drives into their proper spots in the array.) 


EDIT:  You say the system was flaky before you upgraded.  Remember that upgrading the OS would not have fixed that as apparently, it had worked reliably for several years before it became flaky.  I suspect that you have a a hardware problem.  

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