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Plugin with WOL and Sync please


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I not sure if this the write forum to request a plugin written 


but I googled  no luck

is there any Sync Plugins  that when its time to Sync... it has a built in WOL  so when its time to sync  the sync software sends a WOL

so when you have 15 20 sync schedules to multiple backup computers  it itself sends a WOL and then the main  server tells the back up server to shut down.. with a check box in the sync...  so main server can tell  backup servers to shut down or not

as I googled that but no luck

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3 hours ago, comet424 said:

is there any Sync Plugins  that when its time to Sync... it has a built in WOL


I run scripts (automated through the User Scripts unRAID plugin) which power my backup server on and off via IPMI.  Before I had a board with IPMI, the backup script simply woke up the sleeping server via WOL and put it to sleep again when done.  It then emails me the backup summary so I know it happened and what was backed up


There are also S3 Sleep and WOL plugins for unRAID.  Not sure they can be called programaticallly, but, really, it is not necessary as you can wake and sleep computers via MAC address/IP address on a command line in a script.



There is also an S3 Sleep plugin as part of the Dynamix plugin set.



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ah see I not much of writing scripts I windows user right so click  click click set this and let it all run on its own

I was hoping there was a plugin that you had drop down boxes you set it and boom automatically does it no writing code  or nothing


that way everytime I had a new event for syncing I wouldn't need to write a code for it.. it just be selected from the drop down boxes  

so I could have 4 events or 15   accessing 20 computes as en example and with a check box or radio button says  shut down that backup server or leave it on after its done syncing


im guessing there is nothing like that and I bet there iis no one going to write one.. id write a plug in  if I knew how  as all I know is visual basic and that's probably out dated now


but ill check ou your links 

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I installed the plugins but still doesn't work  like scheduler  or one button  the S3 sleep doesn't even install

but I not sure how you link it with syncthing  so  when you schedule syncthing to run  it will wake up lan the computer then after shut it down

I don't see any buttons  and shouldn't have to add code.. but what code would I need


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The does-it-all WOL/sync/backup/sleep solution in a single plugin which you are seeking does not exist.


Here is some (possibly out of date) information on how to wake up and sleep an unRAID server via scripts/command line.




As I said, I don't use WOL/S3 Sleep anymore as my backup server can be powered on/off via IPMI and main server backed up automatically via scripts which, for me, is a better solution.


Perhaps someone else will chime in here with more information regarding the solution you are seeking.


With unRAID version 6.5.x, some problems were reported with the S3 Sleep plugin and I do not know if it is currently 100% compatible with latest unRAID releases.  Proper S3 sleep has  a lot of hardware dependencies and may or may not work as expected with unRAID on certain hardware configurations.

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ya I forgot you mentioned  IPMI what is that

ya was hoping a single plugin would do it..  I guess only way to do it is  run windows VM and then it would sync with windows software  to another unraid server


just issue with my mini server  its only has 2gig ram  and doesn't support VM  so that's an issue  so no simple solution  it would be nice  and I tried syncthing cant figure that crap out  device numvers etc I just want a simple  this is folder you wanna copy send to this comp...  I liked Rysnc from freenas to an exit..it messed up bidirectional..  

what sync do you recommend  or hell  backup  as sync and backup basically the same... 

I dunno  that's why I figured I write in this form  can someone write a plugin  for it.. or if I knew how to write code for unraid id make it myself but all I know is visual basic and I outta date on that too lol

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14 minutes ago, comet424 said:

ya I forgot you mentioned  IPMI what is that 


IPMI = Intelligent Platform Management Interface. 


It is basically an always-on system within a system.  Only certain server motherboards support it.  Even when the server is powered down, IPMI is always on (extremely low power consumption) and through its dedicated LAN port, the server can be powered on or off and many system functions monitored. 


Another advantage is that no monitor or keyboard need be attached to the server.  Through a JAVA app accessible from any computer on the LAN, I can watch the server boot up, enter the BIOS and change configuration, update the BIOS, see the unRAID console (although that can also be done via the GUI Terminal app or PuTTY), etc.


Basically IPMI is remote control for your server.

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ah what server motherboards support that..

so far all my servers  I have used   are just  my Asus ROG motherboards..  as I just make servers out of so  the maximus hero crosshair rampage boards..  but  not sure if they support what your doing..  as I could probaby do that too with gaming board

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29 minutes ago, comet424 said:

ah ok.. and is this IPMI a better thing to have.. as im used to getting just gaming motherboards from asus

and is it better to have a server motherboard  or is gaming boards just good enough as well


If it's better depend on what you want to do remotely. IPMI is intended for machines in a server room where you do all management from a different location. Remote desktop etc only works when the machine boots and have networking etc up and running. IPMI means you can even solve boot issues remotely.


Since gaming machines has no need for remote administration like that, there is no meaning to have IPMI on a gaming motherboard.


If you are at home when playing with the machines, then you don't need IPMI. If you travel a lot and want to reconfigure systems when out traveling, then IPMI is good to have.

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ah ok  im used to my Acer Home server H340  its a headless server and u had to remote desktop into use 2003 2011 server  was a pain to get figure how to get it to boot off a usb  but I did and I run unraid off it.. 2 gig of ram  so I want that computer to turn on and off   when scheduled  sync.. as rsync backs up entire thing not the changes  

plus I wanted when the power goes out and its on battery backup  when battery gets low enogu and if in middle of a rsync or what not  it would pause it power down  when  power comes back it powers back up and resumes its re syncing process..


and I just used to remote desktop but wanted to upgrade  and using  my gamging case as the main server..

but is there any benefits I need server board at home I keep hearing ram  but do I really need buffered ecc ram  or is a game case good enough for home use...

and what syncing or weekend backup software you recommend

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