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[SOLVED] Can log into WebGUI, but not SSH


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I was away for 3 weeks, during which there was a power outage. The UPS got the server to gracefully shut itself down, so all was good there. (I believe.)


When I returned, I was able to reboot the server with no issues, and I can log into the WebGUI with my root ID & password. However, when I point puTTY at the server and give it root/<pwd> it tells me Access denied and prompts for root pwd again. I'm 100% certain that I've typed it correctly, I've confirmed that the password is as I thought it was (it's stored in Firefox's pwd manager - yeah, I know...). I don't have caps-lock on.


A) WebGUI and console should be accessed using the same account, right?

B) Why would I not be able to log in at the console if the user/pwd works fine in the browser?

C) Can I delete the users & passwords files to reset everything and recreate them without having to do any sort of fresh install?

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Do you have any ssh related plugin? it might be enforcing key based login, which would prevent ssh from working if your publick keys on the server have been borked.

Post your diagnostics (after trying to login via ssh) so people can take a look and see what's going on.

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Weird... I got to looking at the SSH Plugin settings - it was set to deny root login. Stopped the service, enabled root login, restarted the service and now I have no issues. The plugin was last updated on 22 Jan '18, and I know I've logged in via SSH since then, so it couldn't have been a default change on update. I'm trying to remember now if I disabled that because of some of the sFTP config work I was doing.


Thanks for getting me to look into that @ken-ji!


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