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File modifications lost after reboot


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Hi all,


[Edit]: Found this post that helps: 


I made the following changes to my unRAID system over the past week or so:


- Edited CSS in /usr/local/emhttp/webGui (after some helpful pointers from @bonienl - thanks)

- Created an sshd authorized keys file and added my SSH keys to it

- Edited the sshd configuration

- Edited the /boot/config/go file (for Plex stuff)


I had to reboot the NAS last night and after reboot, the first 3 things in that list have all reverted back to what looks like default.  My sshd changes are gone, as is my new theme.  The changes to /boot/config/go are still there.


What's the situation with persistent file changes like this?  Am I editing files in the wrong place and the changes I made were in RAM only?  If that's the case, it's cool - I can make the changes again but would like to know where to make those changes so they persist across reboots.


Where do I do that?



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Everything except for /boot, /mnt/diskX, and /mnt/cache if you have a cache drive exist only in RAM.


When unraid boots it extracts everything from bzroot and bzimage into RAM for the OS, so any changes will need to be scripted to be recreated on boot. Depending on the timing of what you wish to accomplish, those scripts can either be in the go file, or scheduled using the User Scripts third party plugin.

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