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Switching Plex containers


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I currently run the needo release of the Plex container and haven't had a real need to switch since it runs normally and updates via restart as normal... until recently. For whatever reason it will not pull the latest release. So I figured now would be a good time to switch to a maintained container like binhex or ls.io.


Has anyone made the switch from needo to another release successfully and been able to keep all prior settings and stats?


The reason I ask is I have been trying like hell to get a new release to recognize my old library. When I set up a new docker it wants me to start a new server "[Server] not found." When I point the config directory to the appropriate place, the docker boots and runs (according to the log), but Plex doesn't load at all even when all parameters are seemingly set the same as the previous build.


I'm assuming needo's paths just must be different (folder structure is definitely a little different, but I was able to identify some of the differences and moved folders around accordingly in a backed up file) and I'm hoping I'm just missing one element to move forward, lol.


So am I SOL in my attempt to preserve everything? Do I have to start over? Or am I missing something?

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Not sure what their problem was. You should just be able to use the same volume mappings including the plex appdata and it should just work. The plex library with all your movie info, watched status, etc, is in the appdata and their isn't any difference in locations or anything since the dockers aren't really changing anything about the standard plex application install.


I did it long ago and several others have also. You might make a backup of your plex appdata just in case.

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