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License Upgrades cost more why???


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No, you're seeing it right, but this is not surprising. It's quite common that an after-the-fact upgrade is more expensive that the initial purchase price differential.


Essentially you're getting a discount by committing to the upgraded version immediately.

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1 minute ago, Can0nfan said:

I wasn't complaining just asking why the difference. 


the server uses 2.4" drives so its $60 a drive i have 5 now with room for 3 more so when I need to I will upgrade I was just looking for a reason for the $9 discrepancy 


Note that companies normally have some form of cost for every transaction.


So it's more expensive for a company that make 100 transactions at $1 each than having a single transaction of $100.


But in this case, it's the standard business deal of: "Buy three books and pay for two." So you can often buy a book trilogy cheaper than buying the books one at a time.

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