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  1. Stability! I've had half year plus uptimes with unraid and the only reason it didn't continue was because I chose to reboot to upgrade the os. This answer is boring because I also love the ease of setup, maintenance, and power features when desired, but stability is the most important for me. I'd love to see additional btrfs pools in unraid so I can dedicate one to vms and one to normal cache duties. I've done this via the command line and unassigned devices, but would be great to get native support for this feature.
  2. Take a look at the Tips and Tweaks Plugin. You can play with settings there to influence how Unraid handles its RAM and when it writes to disk. Definitely read the thread for suggestions.
  3. Smooth update here from 6.6.6 after over 100 days of uptime - thanks for all the hard work!
  4. My 2 9211-8i controllers suffer from the problem of a lag when another drive on the same controller spins up. This causes issues when we're watching one movie, but another process spins up a different drive on the same controller. Any suggestions for a controller that won't exhibit this problem so I can stop using spin-up groups?
  5. I don't know why unRAID wouldn't see an m.2 card. Others have nvme drives working fine. So, it shouldn't be an issue.
  6. I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. Turns out my switch was going bad.
  7. I haven't looked at your logs, but I've experienced similar issues. It normally happens when another disk on the same controller spins up. I had similar questions at the time and was told there wasn't anything to do about it and it was a hardware limitation in a lot of hard drive controllers. Here are some options: Adjust your buffer size in Kodi to allow for more wiggle room when this happens. https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Modify_the_video_cache I moved all my Emby scheduled tasks to happen overnight as that was the cause of most of my random spinups. Not sure if that'll help you with a mobile requested sync, however. Adjust your drive spinup/spindown schedules (ie disable or extend out) . Create spinup groups to spin up all disks on your controller together - so when one spins up the others do too. I'd be curious to hear if anyone has any other suggestions. It's frustrating having to work around the problem as opposed to solving it.
  8. Just roll back to the previous release 145. Not a big deal.
  9. Yeah, happening here too. Never had an issue until today. For now I've rolled back to previous release 145 (Go to edit and for repository just put a :145 at the end so it says linuxserver/deluge:145) Working so far, but time will tell
  10. Yeah, 2.2.2 if I remember correctly. Yesterday I changed the cache pressure setting to 0 which seemed to help with the spinups when navigating the disks (if I manually spin them down). The file activity plugin is still showing files getting opened during the night - the only thought I have is that cache_dirs is hitting them again to refresh the cache? They are files no other docker or plugin would otherwise touch.
  11. Same here, my disks no longer spin down either. Disabling the plugin allows them to spin down. It started around the same time for me too (when the plugin would no longer start with the array).
  12. I'm aware you escape spaces with a backslash, but a backslash comma doesn't seem correct "TV\,Shows"
  13. One of my cached folders has a space in it. It's showing up weird in the line "Setting Included dirs:" as "TV\,Shows" Perhaps that's just a logging bug and doesn't impact behavior? Just checking. Seeing a lot more spin ups (and far fewer spin downs) recently. I'll wake up in the morning expecting to see the whole array spin down, but that's not the case any longer. It's changed in the past week or two. Maybe since 6.6.3 or since some updates to the plugin and the changes? Unsure. cache_dirs version 2.2.2 No Memory ulimit applied Setting cache_pressure=10 Arguments=-i Movies -i Nate -i Pictures -i TV\ Shows -i Videos -l on -U 0 Max Scan Secs=10, Min Scan Secs=1 Scan Type=adaptive Min Scan Depth=4 Max Scan Depth=none Use Command='find -noleaf' ---------- Caching Directories --------------- Movies Nate Pictures TV Shows Videos ---------------------------------------------- Setting Included dirs: Movies,Nate,Pictures,TV\,Shows,Videos Setting Excluded dirs: min_disk_idle_before_restarting_scan_sec=60 scan_timeout_sec_idle=150 scan_timeout_sec_busy=30 scan_timeout_sec_stable=30 frequency_of_full_depth_scan_sec=604800 cache_dirs started
  14. No, you're seeing it right, but this is not surprising. It's quite common that an after-the-fact upgrade is more expensive that the initial purchase price differential. Essentially you're getting a discount by committing to the upgraded version immediately.