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LSI 9280 16i4e passthrough

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So I have an LSI 9280 16i4e card that I want to use. I've been looking for IT firmware but there is nothing concrete on this and appears to not be possible.


So I read in a Supermicro manual that if I wanted passthrough to create a VD with a single drive in raid 0. And this worked great on Windows. I saw the actual drive and it read smart data too. And I actually connected the drive to my motherboard and saw the data like normal.


Now I thought it would be the same on unraid but unfortunately its not like this. It still sees the drive but its labeled MR9280 ... 4TB... And it doesnt report smart data...


So can I keep using it like this? Or will this give me problems down the road?


Any opinions or suggestions are welcome.


FYI I didnt want multiple controllers if I need more disks. Thats why I got this one. And it was a good price.

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