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  1. it doesn't actually lock up the server, what doesn't work that I can tell is the WebGUI, obviously the Checkmk Docker and for some reason if I try and pull diagnostics using SSH, it freezes and never completes.... VMs and other docker still work though
  2. its the WebGUI and that docker that lockup... webgui I get a 500 error, docker just stays loading.... I just got it again after upgrading to 2.0... I will have to check this out.
  3. I think that helped, before it would be pretty quick to lockup... its been a few hours and I've been able to use it so I think we are good. so how do I update to the new 2.0 version?
  4. ok, just made the changes and started the docker... For reference I have 4 day 4 hours of uptime currently... let see how it goes...
  5. have you been able to check on the checkmk docker?
  6. of course, its not like I am paying you... lol obviously I understand that with so many things on my server it may work for you and I have something else that "bothers" it... Let me know how it works for you to then see what we can try on mine. if anything write a PM to check this out more in depth.
  7. yes on 1.5.0, have not changed to 2.0.0 I am running 6.9.2 and a bunch of other things... not sure if these help, but I am including diagnostics as of now, working normally... without the checkmk docker running nas-diagnostics-20210618-1338.zip
  8. so I just saw the server locked up a bit, it did respond again and I tried pulling diagnostics but it stopped here...
  9. I am having issues stopping the container, logs is empty as if it stopped but it stays running... It is not up though. I am trying to assign LAN IP as it cant see the unraid host.
  10. ok, I was not getting this version, it looks different already...
  11. ok, just reinstalled after deleting appdata and old template. Let me give this one a try and I'll let you know. Thanks! Pulling image: checkmk/check-mk-raw:latest IMAGE ID [1249670742]: Pulling from checkmk/check-mk-raw. IMAGE ID [75cb2ebf3b3c]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 21 MB. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Extracting. Pull complete. IMAGE ID [d3206bc22f0f]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 330 B. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Extracting. Pull complete. IMAGE ID [2564c74456e7]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 89 MB. Verifying Chec
  12. Hmm... I am not sure... if I try to install it shows Checkmk-RAW... but if I look at the existing template it says checkmk/check-mk-raw:2.0.0-latest... I will erase everything and try again. the agent hasn't given much issue. I did remove IPMI tools plugin testing, it was working before but I am not sure if it mattered, (I saw some errors for it)
  13. I have installed Checkmk-RAW and Checkmk Agent but I believe when I use Checkmk-RAW it locks up the webui and then the unraid server, it gets to a point I cannot login using even SSH and I even loose my router VM and have to reset completely, if the issue is starting I can reach it with SSH but it wont let me pull diagnostics, it never saves it. I think once I lost the webui and was also in Checkmk-RAW but everything kinda froze, unraid webui wouldnt load or refresh as well as Checkmk-RAW, but after a while it started working until it later completely locked and had to power cycle.
  14. I seem to be having issues with the server and it is hanging and I have to force reboot to get it running again. Can you guys see anything on the logs that may help?, not sure if it is hardware related or not. gru-diagnostics-20210609-1728.zip
  15. I'd like this too, especially since it seems better than keycloak and privacyidea....