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Reinstalling parity drive but no data on server?


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Hello all,


I have attempted to replace my parity drive from a 4TB to a 10TB.


The 10TB drive was not showing up so learned that I may need to update the MB BIOS which I won't be able to do for a bit so decided to reinstall my 4TB which I have unassigned and now reassigned.


Since I will now have to rebuild the drive (approximately 8.5 hours) I have noticed that the shares do not show up anymore and my docker service has failed to start.


Please tell me I didn't lose my data!  I am unable to browse the existing drives in the GUI but the shares show up in the configuration files on my USB but I don't see anything under /mnt.


Should I wait until the rebuild is finished or is there something else I need to do first before rebuilding the array.


Thanks for the help (please help!)

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I see, when I unassigned my cache drive and reassigned it the drive showed as if it was a new drive and not my previous parity drive.  I just went through and checked one of my array disks and see that the data is still there which is good!  But, it appears that I'll need to reestablish my parity drive before all of the shares and dockers appear again.


PS, I mispoke in initial post.  It was the parity drive drive I wanted to upgrade and not cache.  Editing now....


Been a long day....

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4 hours ago, HrtAttK said:

it appears that I'll need to reestablish my parity drive before all of the shares and dockers appear again.

Parity has no effect on whether you can access any files or whether dockers work. If you formatted your cache drive then that probably explains why your dockers and possibly why some of your files are missing.

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Thinking the same but that wasn't the drive I was trying to replace.


It was the parity drive.


So interestingly enough, after leaving the server off for the past 6 hours and now turning it back shows the configuration has been restored.


The parity drive needs to rebuild but I'll let that go until the morning and see.


Next step is to figure out why my new 10TB drive is not being recognized.


Thanks everyone for the help!

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