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Certain Plugins Not Updating


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Currently on unRAID version 6.5


I have a few plugins at the top of the list showing that they have updates available:


CA Backup/Restore  - 2018.03.15 (current version) - 2018.07.15 (update)

ControlR - v2018.03.21
Tips and Tweaks - 2018.03.21

Custom Tab - 2017.12.13

Unassigned Devices - 2018.03.21

User Scripts - 2018.02.16


These will not update at all.  When I go to update them, I see the notification box pop up with this:


plugin: updating: cabackup2:.plg
plugin: not installed


Then it says Plugin Update has finished.  This has only recently occurred and I am not sure if it is only these plugins or if it is something with my system.  I will also note I have the advanced buttons plugin installed and I do know it is not compatible with my version of unRAID.  I am unable to delete this, as it says it is uninstalling and then tells me it was successfully uninstalled, but it still remains on the list of plugins.


I will also note that other plugins have updated to more recent versions, my latest updated plugin is Fix Common Problems, which was just updated on 8/5/2018. 


Has anyone had issues like this before or know what I can do?  Is there a way to manually remove plugins and reinstall them?

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Any chance you have the Advanced Buttons plugin installed?  If so, uninstall it and reboot.


43 minutes ago, greg_gorrell said:

Is there a way to manually remove plugins and reinstall them

On the flash drive, delete the corresponding .plg files from /config/plugins and reboot.  Then reinstall via the Apps Tab

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Yes, I do have the Advanced Buttons plugin installed, and like I said above it just won't uninstall.  I deleted it off the flash drive and will reboot my system when I get home, as I am remoted into a VM right now and can't risk losing access.  Thanks Squid, I commend you for all do here.  Your dedication to these forums is admirable.

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