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Very slow Data Rebuild, failing disk?


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Yesterday I replaced a 3 Tb drive (Disk 14) on one of my servers with a new 4 Tb one, the data rebuild was getting stuck on 0,6% so I rebooted the server and suddenly disk 5 appeared offline.


I unplugged disk 5 and checked it on another computer, the disk was not responding, so after blessing the dual parity of Unraid I rebuilded disk 14, that rebuild whent smooth without any incidents.


Today I have been to the shop where I purchased disk 5 and replaced it with a new identical one and started data rebuild of disk 5, and found a problem.


The data is rebuilding (at least I hope so) but about 60 to 70 KB/sec and the percentage is stuck on 0,6%.


Not sure of what you need to help me, so I will attach the whole diagnostic zip file to see if someone can help me, I'm affraid something is wrong with my server and I don´t know where to start.


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Both disks 3 and 5 are having issues, disk3 looks fine, disk5 dropped offline but it's most likely fine also, but you should reboot and post new diags to see if we get a SMART report, could be a cable issue, could be the controller, as it uses the same drivers as the SASLP/SAS2LP and these are prone to issues and not recommended for unRAID v6.

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13 minutes ago, Sanduleak said:

Disk 5 shows in the logs but in the Unraid interface it appears as "disabled, content emulated".

This is normal since the rebuild aborted, you need to stop the array, unassign disk5, start the array, stop again, re-assign disk5 and start one last time to begin the rebuild.

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Surprisingly now is rebuilding like a flash, 102 MB/sec and is now beyond 0,6%...


Not sure what was wrong, maybe a bad connected cable?...


Thanks a lot johnnie.black for your help, not sure if the problem is solved, but if the rebuild completes I suppose it is.


Thanks again.

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