Cache Drives disappear on reboots, fine on power downs


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So when I use reboot to restart my server, my 2 ssds that I have in a BTRFS Cache both disappear, and are not able to be found at all.  Stopping the Array, I can't add them back to cache drives.  I have to power down the whole server, and start it cold, then they appear as unassigned and I can add them back as cache and restart the Array and everything is fine.


If I use power down, and cold boot it, cache drives are there.


Any clue?  Use to not do this.  I am on 6.5.3  Original topic started here, thought it was a plugin issue.



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It's probably appropriate to start a new thread since your problem wasn't related to the plugin, but you could include a link to the other thread where this was first discussed. And you have another post about this on an old thread. Hopefully nobody will spend much effort researching and responding to you on those other threads since you have started this new one. If you want to be really nice you could go to those threads and post a link to this one so we can get everything over here.


crossposting bad

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