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Changing SAS Card ports


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Hi All,

Seeking advice on a recurring drive failure in my unRAID server. Disk 6 seems to fail after a period of time - normally days. I have replaced it twice with brand new drives and thought it was resolved but then the dreaded Red X appears. 
The drive is one of 4 connected to Port 1 of my SAS>SATA card. I replaced the SAS>SATA cable and replaced the drive (with same new replacement drive) and rebuilt from Parity. I thought it was ok but has failed again.

To further isolate it, I want to change ports on the card. Does anyone know if I simply change the Port on the SAS card to port 2, will that change be picked up by unRAID and will it cause issues with the drive assignment etc?

Also curious, if I just run the NAS with Disk 6 in the storage emulated mode for a long period of time, what is the implication? Risk of loss of data on disk 6, or total loss of data due to the invalid state of the array and parity? I think its the latter but as I can't seem to resolve this issue I need to know.


EDIT: The card is a Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8

Thank you


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You should be fine switching ports as unRAID recognis4s disks by their serial number rather than where they are connected.   You will have to reboot to pick up the change (i.e.  Do not try to hot-swap).


Regarding running in unprotected mode with a disk being emulated then if another drive fails you lose the data on the emulated disk and also potentially the newly failed drive.   I say it is only potentially as often the disk is fine but a write failed due to another factor so the data on the disk is still recoverable.   All disks in the array that are not involved in the failure will have their data intact (this is one of the ways in which unRAID varies from more traditional RAID systems).

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Thanks Guys,

I've just changed the port and Ill go through the process of bringing the disk back to health, and monitor.


I didnt realise the card had issues with comparability, it certainly worked faultlessly for 5 or so years but so much has changed in the software since you are probably right. I will look into a hardware refresh.


I was surprised to see I'm not running latest - I used to get notification of new versions in the bottom bar of the console, seems that's not there anymore.


Thanks again

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