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i5 8500 for 2 win10 VMs


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Since it has been quite some time when you post up your query, I thought I might give you a bit of insight.  The important thing to remember is that you will not get any better performance from the VM's than you would from bare metal.  So the question that you have to ask yourself is now-- if this the machine that I would purchase for this task.  Since your processor has six cores, you can figure that one VM will have three cores and the other one two cores (one reserved for unRAID).  You will have to divide up that 16GB of Ram among three computers with unRAID probably needing about 2GB.   


Take a look at what they are using now, the kid's satisfaction with that level of performance, and decide if an upgrade is needed from that standpoint.  You can get a good feel of what you need in CPU performance by finding the PassMark numbers of the CPU's involved. 

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46 minutes ago, warren_briones said:

Thats for the insight frank! I might just have to use my own rig (i7-8700K-32GB RAM) and remove my GTX1080 and place the 2 1050s to give them a "bare-metal" experience in their gaming. With that, i will just slap on the 1080 on the i5-8500 and use it for my self. Sounds about right, right? :)

That should only be your plan B.


Your plan A (i5-8500) should theoretically work.

The i5-8500 has 3.9GHz all-core turbo which is pretty decent for gaming, especially when paired with an entry-level GTX 1050Ti + the games you listed.

Just need a good cooler so your CPU can stay turbo at all time.

  • Your daughter gets a 2-core 4GB RAM VM
  • Your son gets a 3-core 8GB RAM VM (mainly because of Fortnite)
  • unRAID get 1-core + (about) 2GB RAM
  • "spare" 2GB RAM to assign to whichever needs it most


"Bare-metal" is only a valid comparison when you need maximum performance. In your case, I think acceptable is all that you need.

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