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Dell 560 Stuck At bzroot

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Hi all, I'm just getting in to testing unraid (I like what I see so far) how ever on the box I wanted to use the boot sequence stops at bzroot each time.


I know it's not the usb as I ended up moving my disks to another box with out rebuilding the key so I wanted to ask if any one had any ideas or experience or is it the 560 is just not compatible (at least with this mobo from Dell).


Spec is:


1 x Dell Inspiron 560 PC Dual Core E5500 2.8GHz 6GB Ram 320GB HDD Win7 Pro



Processor - Intel Xeon Dual Core E5400 @ 2.70GHz CPU 

Memory - 6GB DDR3 RAM (2 x 2GB, 2 x 1GB)

Storage - 1 x 320GB 3.5" SATA 3GB/s 16MB 7.2K HDD

Operating System - Windows 7 Pro COA Attached & Pre-Installed

Optical Drive - DVD RW Drive





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Try switching to / from UEFI boot (rename the EFI folder from efi~ to efi and switch the BIOS boot settings appropriately)

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3 hours ago, Squid said:

Try switching to / from UEFI boot (rename the EFI folder from efi~ to efi and switch the BIOS boot settings appropriately)

Thanks... I will have a look at that although I believe it's set up for legacy as this box just not have uefi and the working one has it switched off.


Thanks once again squid.


Edit ... Folder set for "efi-" so I assume that means legacy boot enabled. The box can not do uefi so I think that part is right unless you think other wise ?


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Hi... So for any one following I sussed it. 


After reseting the bios to default I revised every setting including those with usb referred to. I think the one that helped was boot order. 


Not only did I set the boot order to usb first but in a sub menu the usb key. 


So to me it's clear that both these settings need to be done even if you press f12 and select the device and actually see it boot for it to fully work. 


That said I'm 90pct sure I'm going to leave the faster machine as the unraid box now and have the dual core as a desktop for working on vm devices both at home and work. 



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