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Unraid primary vlan not communicating

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I have setup a new server on a network with 2 vlan's. The problem is that the unraid host is not available on the primary vlan. I can access dockers and vm's with IP's on the same subnet just not the box itself. The unraid box is also available on it's host ip on the second subnet. What is even odder is I can ping the switch (from unraid cli) on the primary vlan but not the router. Switch to Unraid has a network bond with Primary vlan untagged and Second tagged.


Primary Vlan subnet

Unraid Host IP (unable to communicate)

Docker IP (can communicate)

Docker IP (can communicate)

Docker with bridge (unable to communicate)


Second Subnet

Unraid Host IP (can communicate)

Windows VM (can communicate)


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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have you tried using static IP address on the Primary VLAN?

Also the diagnostics don't show the routing table so could you show that as well? ip route on the console or the settings | network | routing table section/tab

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this is a universal problem when you have 2 default routes.

what happens is that unless Unraid was trying to reach a local subnet IP, it would pick the last defined gateway and keep using that.

My setup has only one IP assigned to Unraid and and all the VLANs have active interfaces for docker networks, but no IP otherwise.


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Removing the second default fixed. Thanks so much Ken-Ji.


Vlan required that the same ip address as primary be put in before it would allow me to remove the second route. After a reboot all good and working as expected.

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