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[SOLVED] Installed DupeGuru and now system is hung

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Hi All,


Hopefully I'm doing this right, I just installed DupeGuru and it seemed to hang, so I tried stopping the container, but it wouldn't stop, so I decided to restart my server to see if that would fix things.


I waited a few minutes for the GUI to come back, but it hasn't after 30min or so.


I could telnet in, and so ran a diagnostic, and even tried powerdown and powerdown -r to no avail.


Here's the log files, hopefully someone can help me out!  I'd rather not have to pull the power if it can be helped


Thanks in advance!


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Have you done a memtest recently?

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Well it seems that the powerdown finally worked, but it didn't go down clean, so a day or so long parity check has begun :(


Can the server be powered down in the middle of a parity check? will it continue where it left off, or should it be left up until it's all done?


Still would like to know what happened, but definitely removing DupeGuru, so this doesn't happen again.


Should I mark it as solved, or wait for the logs to be looked at?

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Parity check will not continue where it left off. I would let it complete. I looked at your diagnostics but didn't see anything obvious except some dumps in syslog so that's why I asked about memtest.

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OK thanks, I'll mark this solved then... it's an older rig that I'll be replacing soon, so hopefully that won't be an issue on the new rig.


Again thanks!

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