Unraid's Jon Panozzo appears on the Home Gadget Geeks

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Limetech should do more of that kind of thing.  There is so much information.  It would be awesome if there was regular content discussed on there.  

I think that having community projects for dockers/vm's discussed, going over plugins, talking about best practices, hardware, and so on would be really cool.

There are a lot of fun people in the community, so if you get a few of them together on a stream with some ice cold beer I'm sure it would be entertaining.  

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The online auto backup of your config sounds like a winner, be interesting to see what you plan to charge.


i bought a pro license upgrade from basic to support you guys, I’m no where near the limit for the mid tier yet, but think the software is great and has been working fantastic for me for the past 3 months since I switched from a synology NAS to unraid purely because I was about to hit an expansion point on the synology.


are there things that could be done easier in the GUI? Yes, I think there’s work for passing from pci devices that would greatly simplify things for users and I can’t for the life of me get VNC to work in the recommended mode.


overall very happy customer.

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