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Dell PERC H330 HBA

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Posted (edited)

So I just got a dell PERC H330.


I set it to HBA mode and it detects all my attached disks.

The Controller is detected by unriad
Similar to this img: {CDEFC84A-8FBC-4E11-873E-36E8A6DDA643}.png.jpg


The disks however are not detected or passed through. 

From what I can tell, it seems that the MEGAraid driver is not loading.


Based on this thread, a driver was in development and working as per one of the posters. Is this driver part of unRaid yet? Latest build. Do I have to do something to get it to load?



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18 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

There are some conflicting reports, but most likely itwon't work, e.g:


So I've got 3 options where I stand.


1. Force load the megaRAID_sas driver, or get a hold of the driver one Tom distributed to some members for testing. Either way, I don't know how to initialize a driver manually after the server starts.


2. Update the firmware, I'm busy doing this now.


3. There was mention of setting each drive to it's own raid0. I'm yet to try this.



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Posted (edited)

Can't even get this thing to initialize in windows. Just gives me a code 10 error.


Tried Server 2016.


Going to try windows 7 now. If I can get it recognized I can at least update the firmware.


Ok, so got it recognized in Win7 and was able to update the firmware.
I can also see the drive in Raid0 in explorer.
HBA mode also works in Win7.


Same issue when going back to unRaid. The megeraid_sas driver fails to initialize. 


I'm out of ideas. I just don't get how it works for 2 members but not others.

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Just ordered a PERC H200.

Going to try to get a refund on the H330.

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