Possible Dashboard view of Nvidia-SMI and/or Plex Transcodes


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Hey lounge,


I have limited code writing experience so not sure exactly where to start with this kind of project.


I've recently added an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti to my system for use with Plex for Decoding and Encoding.  I've been using 'nvidia-smi' from the console to see GPU usage (Memory, NVDEC and NVENC usage) and was hoping to maybe be able to monitor some of the output from nvidia-smi on the dashboard similar to how NUT-Settings can monitor UPS related information on the dashboard.


Somewhat related to this would be the status of a Plex Docker and it's transcode status.


I would love to have either of these on the Dashboard of Unraid's Web UI and possibly even integrate some monitoring in to the notification system (for emails as well) for things like:

- GPU Memory usage Warning/Critical Levels

- NVDEC and NVENC usage Warning/Critical Levels

- GPU Temperature Warning/Critical Levels

- Plex Transcode status (if possible to grab this from Plex's own Dashboard




While I would appreciate anyone helping out with this, I'm more just looking for some good starting resources of plug-in writing on UnRaid and if anyone else has ideas/input or projects they started that are similar.

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