Ryzen 7 2900 with Tomahawk Motherboard

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for anyone out there, I will post my hardware build and any findings / issues I encounter, in the hope that this will help you.


at the moment I am running on a I5 9600k with a  Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z390  motherboard with 16GB of ram, and 12TB of data.

I will be moving this into a Ryzen R7 2900 with a Tomahawk ATX AM4 motherboard.  the reason for the move is that my old build does not allow me to do the things I want to do with it, like running VM guest machines.


The reason for this build is more bang for my buck, and hopefully it will allow me to upgraded as and when I need to.   https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/9XVQTB


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And are you sure it'll work?
I'm planning a similar setup, ryzen 2700 and a x570 mb to be able to upgrade to a 3900 once it's tested, i read mix things about passthrough and amd

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quick update:

I am having issues with my CPU as it has gone walkabouts in Scotland. so in the meantime I have been studying a a different way to passthrough my devices.


my new ideal is to use ProxMox as the low level OS

    then within here I wll create my VM's.  one for Unraid and one for Windows 7.


here is a chat that I am posting my questions in, 


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Just got you have a new AMD build for VM, I also have gigabyte Z390UD and 9700K, in fact it work well with Proxmox+Unraid. ( My AMD X370 also work well )


For your new build, the addon SATA controller may be problematic (at least with Unraid), the NVMe also may have passthrough issue.


So, I would highly recommend you try all in Intel platform first, the addon SATA controller for Proxmox and passthrough onboard SATA for Unraid.

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after a lot of headaces and not gettign very far with Proxmox,  - 


I decided  to look at the VM within Unraid.

I was able to tranfer over all my hard drivers with easy and was up and running within 10 mins, 

the only thing I had to reminder is that I had to use the same hard drive and cache driver as before.


ok, now I had a look at the VM, and discovered that my IOMMU groups need to be resovled so I when into the VM mananger and change for PCIE ACS Override to both. 

this resovle this with the groups, and allow me to choose my GPU.  


now I have a builded VM but at the moment I am not able to access it, when I choose the GPU.




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