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Community Applications - Application Policies


Community Applications has one fundamental goal:  Ensuring that the end-user experience with the various add-ons to your server is consistent and trouble free. The application lists contained within CA are moderated and vetted.  Every attempt is made to ensure that only safe and compatible applications are present.  As the unRaid community gets larger, and more applications become available within Community Applications, the following should be noted:


  1. All applications are subject to approval for inclusion.
  2. Closed source plugins are not accepted into CA.  (Note that a plugin may include closed-source binaries which in certain circumstances do not violate this rule - Moderator's discretion).  In certain exceptional cases an exemption to this rule may be granted.  
  3. Closed source applications within an docker application are generally not accepted within CA unless they are from a reputable source or are a well known application (eg: Crashplan, Plex et al).  In other words, an application created by the template maintainer MUST be open source and subject to code examination.
  4. Plugins which are better suited as a docker application are not eligible for inclusion in CA.
  5. "Proof Of Concept" applications are generally not accepted into CA.  If it is accepted into CA, then such applications must include an appropriate notice within its description.
  6. Any application that contains malicious software or intent is subject to immediate removal with no notification being given.  This also includes any other software included within the application such as crypto mining unless the application itself is for crypto mining.  No Exceptions. 
  7. Bugs within applications can (and do) happen.  This is outside of the control of the moderators of CA.  Depending upon the circumstances, the application may be subject to moderation due to the bug.  This moderation may be mild or in the cases where the bug could cause data-loss severe resulting in the possible blacklisting of the application.  In most cases, the author is given time to rectify the bug before moderation happens.  Minor issues with any application will tend to not have any moderation applied.  As a general rule, it is recommended to always keep your applications (especially plugins and unRaid itself) up to date.  In the case of egregious software errors, the moderators of CA will err on the side of the user instead of the side of the author.
  8. Plugins may on occasion (this is an exception, rather than the rule) have problems / bugs when run on a release candidate of unRaid.  More leeway is given to authors of the plugin in this situation than if the issue occurs on a stable release of unRaid.
  9. Any application listed within CA is subject to at any time various means of moderation.  This includes but is not limited to fixing template errors, assigning minimum / maximum versions of unRaid the application is compatible with, notifying users of any issues with their installed applications via the Fix Common Problems plugin, deprecating an abandoned application,etc.  Notification to the template maintainers may or may not be given. 
  10. Any application template not meeting certain minimum standards results in automatic removal of that application until such time as the template is revised to meet those standards.  (As an example, all applications must include a reasonable description.)
  11. In certain circumstances, it may be more appropriate to utilize "branches" in templates than to submit multiple templates.  This is discretionary of the moderators.  See here.  
  12. Any violation of the security policies enforced by CA and the associated application feed results in automatic blacklisting of an author's entire template repository.
  13. The case of any submitted application which refers to the exact same dockerHub repository as an existing application will not be accepted.  In certain circumstances though the pre-existing application template may be removed and the new one accepted in its place - Moderator's discretion.
  14. In the situations where there is already a multitude of certain applications available (ie: Plex, nzbGet, Radarr, etc) new submissions of those applications will not be accepted.  An exception may however be made if the new submission brings something unique to the application.  This is at the discretion of the moderators of CA.


A further explanation of the last point is in order


(In this example, I am referring to Plex Media Center itself, not the various add-ons available for Plex, eg Plex Connect, plpp, gaps, etc)


Utilizing Plex as an example, there are already applications within CA from Binhex, LinuxServer along with the official Plex Container.   All of these are extremely well supported and maintained, and fundamentally there is absolutely no difference between any of them.  It is extremely unlikely that any new submission of a Plex application will bring any tangible benefits to the unRaid community, and will more than likely only cause confusion for the end-user as to "which one do I install?"  The end-user experience is of utmost importance to the authors of Community Applications, it's moderators, and Limetech themselves.


This however does NOT mean that no new Plex will be accepted.  If a new Plex application is submitted and it does bring something new / unique to the application / container it may be accepted at the moderator's discretion.


Should any user wish to run a version of Plex that is not available within CA, there are multiple options available. ( Performing a dockerHub search for the application, having CA manage so-called "private applications", or utilizing the template repository system of unRaid itself. ) See here.


The intent here is to not stifle any innovation from any given author, but rather to ensure that the end-user experience remains consistently high.  If the circumstances regarding an already present Plex application change ( no longer maintained / supported, or is deemed to be extraneous and not benefiting the unRaid community, etc ) then that existing application may be removed and new submissions for Plex may be accepted.


CA does allow installations of deprecated / incompatible applications by visiting it's Settings Page.  (Although it is not recommended to do this.) 


Any plugin or docker application which is classified as being Beta from the author is identified within CA.  This classification does not however mean that there will be problems with the application.


The ability to install applications that are outside of CA's control (plugin or docker) will never be impeded.  (Although it isn't recommended to install any plugin that is not available within CA)


All actions taken by a moderator of CA (or via the associated application feed) is publicly viewable either within CA under it's Statistics section, or via a GitHub Repository.  In the rare case of a controversial decision taken by the moderators of CA, the decisions are reviewed by a larger select group of trusted unRaid users and the staff members of Limetech.  If as a maintainer / author you disagree with any actions taken by the moderators of CA you should bring your concerns in a PM to @Squid.  If the decision made by Squid does not satisfy you, then the final decision will be made by @jonp (Note: The moderators of CA @pluginCop and @dockerPolice do not read or reply to any PM)


On the other side of the coin, if as a user you feel that some application should be moderated in some way, then feel free to PM @Squid who will then delegate appropriately to one of the moderators of CA.


Note: this document may be amended at any time, and any new policies added (or policies changed) will be retroactive to any / all applications within CA.

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"Recommended Applications"


Certain applications will have a green thumbs up attached to them


This is a purely a subjective rating applied to applications (and template repositories) by the moderators of CA which is mostly about what kind of support here in these forums is going to be given towards any given application.  The system is set up such that repositories and individual applications can be given this rating (and also have it removed).


In no way shape or form does the lack of a thumbs up mean that a user should not install the application, nor is a thumbs up (or lack of one) definitive.  It is simply a guideline subjectively given.


Probably in some cases there is so little problems with any given app that one of the minor maintainers has nothing to do with regards to support, so they do wind up not getting recommended because they just don't pop into the moderator's heads.


*Generally* (but not always), a given app will not be given a thumbs up if the template is from a "template repackager" - IE: someone who simply creates a template for any random application on dockerHub


The system will not ever give a thumbs down to any app.


There are certain ground rules that are enforced by the application feed automatically.


  • Any template error that is fixed by the feed no matter how minor results in the recommendation being taken away.  This includes errors which I no longer list in the template errors section of CA (notably colons missing from category entries), along with things like no support thread, no icon etc.
  • Any moderator comment being leveled against an app removes the recommendation
  • Any application marked as beta removes the recommendation
  • At some point in the future it is possible that a minimum number of downloads for the application may also be required for a thumbs up to be given.


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