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  1. Polite little bump - I'm sure you just forgot about this. # Generated file integrity check schedule: 10 0 * * * /boot/config/plugins/dynamix.file.integrity/integrity-check.sh &> /dev/null
  2. Confirmed. Will however give @gfjardim time to fix this before any additional action is taken.
  3. There is definitely no virus contained within either Unassigned Devices or Unassigned Devices Plus.
  4. Would you like me to notify everyone with UD and FCP installed about this? Should *hopefully* lessen the massive influx of support posts that will happen
  5. Not going to mark this as being incompatible with 6.8, but will put a comment on the app linking to the command. Hopefully someone will post if / when the plugin has been updated to work out of the box.
  6. Probably best to post in the plugin's support thread as this is a plugin issue, not an unRaid issue
  7. Then i misinterpreted when you said
  8. AFAIK, there are no compatibility issues with the plugin and 6.7.x Rather it's that not all combinations of hardware (due to a variety of factors, most outside of @bonienl's control) will work properly. The apps tab does have a note on this plugin (and a few others) specifying this. If there is an actual compatibility issue with 6.7.x, then let me know
  9. The issue isn't that the plugin doesn't work (it does). The issue is that newer chipsets don't have the drivers included the kernel (in which case you bug Intel / AMD to do that) or that the sensors / sensors-detect scripts themselves have been abandoned (years ago actually). There are a number of work-arounds if you google things. EG: On one of my older AMD boards I had to do this in the "go" file modprobe it87 force_id=0x8686 as the it87 module was included in the kernel, but it didn't recognize the chipset id that my board was giving it. While I do understand your frustration with this, these issues are outside of the author's control. But, I will add a note to the app stating that it does not work with all hardware combinations.
  10. Marking this plugin as being incompatible with unRaid 6.7+ as @Mettbrot hasn't been online for awhile, and it hasn't been updated to actually be compatible with 6.6 (all those warnings are hidden on 6.6). Probably better off using the docker app instead.
  11. Also, using apps such as this via a plugin is long past nowadays its via docker containers which have many advantages over a plugin