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  1. Both servers are running on 6.8.3 and overall work great. Issue is trying to access my shares from Windows 10 File Explorer. The newest server, located at \\torch, allows me to access my shares instantly. Shows up as TORCH in Network panel. However, the older server at \\tower never shows up in the Network panel. And, it takes several attempts of trying to get \\tower, \\TOWER, etc. over about 30 seconds or so, and then I can access the server and my shares without issue at that point. I'm wondering if it's maybe the server taking time to spin up disks, but if that was the case, I thought that it would still show me something at \\tower right away. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm a bit of a tinkerer and I'm interested in giving FreeNAS a go right now. Is it reasonable for me to think that I could fire up my server with a FreeNAS boot disk and have it import my zfs pool I currently have on Unraid without any hitches? What if I wanted to come back to Unraid later on?
  3. followup, here's something I've tried in the meantime, but without success yet. created a disk image of the droplet via the command: ssh root@domain.tld "dd if=/dev/vda1 | gzip -1 -" | dd of=image.gz I unzipped and renamed to vdisk2.img. Moved vdisk2.img to the Unraid server and re-configured VM to use it after setting the correct ownership and permissions on the file. Tried booting a pre-exisitng Ubuntu 18 VM off of the new image, but it just wants to re-install at Grub. Any thoughts?
  4. Just looking for ideas on how to accomplish this, and if it's possible. Essentially, I'd like to move a 2GB Digital Ocean droplet over to a an identical VM running on Unraid. Is there a backup and restore option that's possible? Would I need to create the VM first, and then perform an rsync of the entire drive?
  5. Sounds right. Would be great is you guys (LSIO) rolled out an alternative like NOIP, etc.
  6. Anyone else having issues today? It appears that DuckDNS is offline this morning.
  7. It actually never crossed my mind to use that method. Perhaps the SMB method would work well within a VM, but I've been having a pretty miserable time with SMB lately, actually (see my others posts). I'll try that method and see if it will get me up and running. Perhaps unique to my issue is that the VM in question is running off of a pass-through disk. Accessing the Unraid shares is vital in this scenario so that I can backup files off of the VM and onto the protected array.
  8. I think by disabling NetBIOS the glitch has gone away, i'll continue to monitor it.
  9. Yup, I have Enhanced macOS interoperability turned on. I also have Enable NetBIOS turned on, maybe that should be disabled to force SMB v2 or newer?
  10. I've been noticing repeated SMB disconnect/re-connects that seem very glitchy. I'm on macOS 10.15.2, connecting to Unraid 6.8.2 over a wired 1GB connection. A link to a video of what I'm experiencing. It happens at very beginning and again at the very end of the clip. Is there a way to prevent this?
  11. Just wanted to bump this, I haven't been able to figure it out yet. So just to reiterate: - When unraid share is not passed through, networking works, enp1s0 exists and the VM receives an IP from DHCP. - When unraid share is passed through, networking fails, enp1s0 does not exist and the VM does not receive an IP from DHCP. I just can't figure out what the conflict is. VM XML's attached with and without share passed through. vm.xml vm-with-share.xml
  12. My Ubuntu Server VM was working perfectly and had its own DHCP IP on the network. Today, I added an "Unraid Share" passthrough and the NIC disappears on boot. If I remove the share and generate a new MAC address, the NIC reappears and I get an IP on boot. Not sure how to fix? vm.xml
  13. Thank you. To properly correct my hardware issues (too many drives on not enough cables), what do I need to do? Should I be getting my hands on a 4U / 24-bay SAS enclosure instead of my Rosewill L4500 + EVGA PSU?
  14. Ok -- I believe you. Now that I've fixed that power cable, I've rebooted. My problem is that I don't remember which disks were in slot 8 and 20. And no matter what disk I slide into that slot, it's marked blue, meaning it will wipe it and insert it as a new disk, right? If that's correct, I think I need to do the following: - generate a new config with those two slots removed - let parity run - when parity is complete, mount the two problem disks with UD and attempt to copy the files back to the array Can you confirm that's a good course of action, or show me the right way?
  15. I took the power cable apart since I made it. All of my ends seem to be fine, but the wires on the feeding end practically fell out when I removed the cap. (From factory)