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Shares not working as i would like

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Ok this is highly likely user error but i'm having a great deal of trouble with my shares. I have a TV share that spans 2 disks, with the directory structure as follows



----TV PROGRAMME (2020)

------SEASON 01

-------TV EPISODE S01E01.mkv


Now i use sonarr to keep these things organised, and pointed sonnar to the TV shares directory. If say TV PROGRAMME 1 is on disk 2, i'd like to keep that together, not split over the two disks. TV PROGRAMME 3 on disk 3, remains on disk 3 etc etc.


Try as i might, sometimes this just doesnt work as expected. So some files of Season 02 for instance could end up on disk 1 (even though there is no TV share on that disk and its been excluded from the share, creating the TV folder) or a tv series that should be on disk 2 can sometimes span disk 3. Oh and there is over 1.5TB space on all drives.


I've tried different levels of the split level to try and resolve this, rebooted several times etc etc. Even deleted the share and create a new one by copying TV to TV1 on both disks. What am i doing wrong ?


Any help at all would be appreciated.


Opera Snapshot_2020-01-14_091743_192.168.1.201.png

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A few things:

  • Set split level to level 1. That means each sub folder of share TV will be on the same disk.
    • Changing split level will only affect fresh data. If you somehow still have a series that split across drive then everything won't behave as you would expect.
  • Don't use Fill Up allocation method unless you really intent that to be the case. Very few people will ever use that.
  • Do not use both include and exclude. Use EITHER.

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I've tried all that. It still doesnt perform as it should ? Could there be another underlying reason ?

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While not a problem in your particular case, there is no reason ever to specify both included and excluded disks.  They are mutually exclusive.



Now, you say that you're using sonarr to move the files (presumably from a downloads share)


What are the share settings for the downloads share

What are the path mappings for sonarr

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I manually add the files from the download folder through the wanted tab of sonarr


so thats appdata/binhex-qbittorrentvpn/Downloads


I click the wanted tab/manual import and then sonarr renames the files and copies to the array. the TV share is only shared with sonarr and is set up as follows




Now On existing seasons it works perfectly, putting where they should be, either on disk 2 or disk 3 (mostly, sometimes ive noticed a mistake and ive had to manually copy them over to the other disk). However if its a new season, or indeed new TV programme, it almost always creates that on the disk 1 of my array that doesn't even have a TV folder yet alone share. 1547093312_OperaSnapshot_2020-01-15_143956_192_168.1_201.thumb.png.7343e062af578cc2440b232bc0b8cc08.png

Path mappings for sonarr



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Perhaps try mapping to /mnt/user/TV instead of /mnt/user (and make Sonarr changes accordingly).

Nothing should have access to /mnt/user.

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