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Interfaces showing same MAC Address

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I am evaluating UnRaid at the moment, just setting it up on a HP Proliant 1U Server with 2 onboard Interfaces along with an additional card for an additional 2 Interfaces.


When reviewing the Network Settings, I see within the Interface Rules all 4 Interfaces with the proper MAC addresses, however above I see all Interfaces with the same MAC address. I have removed the /boot/config/network.cfg file a few times without any effect. I have also booted up the server with just a single Interface and had the same results. Like what the product can be if I can get to the bottom of this.

2020-01-15 09_19_35-unraidsvr2_Interface.png

2020-01-15 09_19_35-unraidsvr2_Interface_2.png

2020-01-15 09_19_35-unraidsvr2_Interface_3.png

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All MAC addresses are presented the same because the interfaces are grouped together in a bonded interface.


If you want individual interfaces, you'll need to take them out of the bonded interface (or disable bonding altogether)

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I have removed the bond several times, when doing so I loose all connection to UNRAID server. Taking a look at the server after reboots, ifconfig still displays all the same mac address on each of the interfaces.



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I was able to resolve by deleting all bonds, removal of the 2nd card, remove network.cfg reboot with a single connection. Once I did that I added the card back and rebooted. They all now show correctly.

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